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Brand: Lapua


The .300 Winchester Magnum has been a go-to choice for hunters, target shooters, military, and law enforcement worldwide since its introduction in the early 1960s. This cartridge is still widely used today for competitive target shooting, hunting, and military/law enforcement applications. With a range of bullet weights from 165 to 200 grains and more, the .300 Winchester Magnum delivers outstanding long-range performance. Known for its reputation as a .30 caliber magnum hunting cartridge in Europe and North America, the .300 Win. Mag is the perfect choice for long-distance hunting of mid-to-large sized game in open and expansive hunting fields. With a large selection of bullets available for sport shooting and hunting, the .300 Winchester Magnum case is a valuable addition to our line. All major rifle manufacturers chamber their rifles for this caliber, making it a versatile option for all your shooting needs. Lapua’s .300 Winchester Magnum case takes the Large Rifle Primer (LRP).