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Brand: MDT

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• Made from durable 10.10 oz waxed army duck canvas  

• Filled with Spex Lite 5125

• Weighs 1 Lbs 6 oz

• Zipper opening for adjustable fill

• Dimenstions 10" x 3.5" x 5"


Named after Peanuts, the versatile and accomplished Quarter Horse, this shooting bag is a tribute to the adaptability and relentless spirit that drove a champion from racetrack to rodeo hall of fame. The Peanut mirrors these qualities, offering marksmen a dependable, resilient, and adaptable rest, ready for any challenge and designed to stand the test of time just as its namesake did​​. The Peanut is your steadfast ally during competition, on the range, or in the field. It’s as reliable and hardworking as the legendary horse it's named after. Lightens up your load for travel or long hunting trips. Can be less cumbersome and easy to manipulate while changing positions on a competition stage with no compromises to durability. The Peanut’s size and shape lends itself to both front and rear support use. Perfect for settling on props and providing a rock solid shooting platform, or a versatile rear support bag. The Peanut's long and narrow profile is perfect for fitting into tight spaces on PRS props or barricades. Its unique shape settles over surfaces, creating a stable, flat platform for your rifle. Constructed with Waxed Army Duck Canvas, the Peanut is both durable and pliable, designed to grip firmly even on smooth surfaces. Its robust fabric resists tears and wear, ensuring longevity and reliability. With the internal funnel and zipper opening, you can adjust the type and amount of fill. The Peanut comes pre-filled with our Crushed Glass or Spex Lite fill, which may be replaced or adjusted for customized balance and feel.