Manners TCS

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Brand: Manners

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Introducing the MCS-PRS-TCS, an exclusive offering from Manners Stocks developed specifically for precision rifle competitions. The stock has been designed from the ground up with the ultimate goal of creating a fully weight-tunable stock, ensuring the perfect balance for competition rifles with a wide range of barreled action combinations.

What sets the PRS-TCS apart is the wide range of standard out-of-the-box options not found on other stocks. The PRS-TCS is loaded with features to enhance the shooter's experience, such as an adjustable cheekpiece, adjustable length of pull, and a vertical grip for improved control and comfort.

This stock comes in a standard configuration with a supplied weight of 5 lb 9 oz. However, additional weights can be added to increase the overall weight as per the shooter's preference. The action area of the stock is lowered, eliminating the need for a port or side bolt release cut to fit most actions. It is designed for all Remington-based right or left-hand short actions only.

PRS-TCS features:

  • Full carbon fiber shell for maximum durability and strength
  • MCS-DBM mini chassis for added stability and precision
  • Weight-tunable 2-way butt to achieve perfect balance and comfort
  • Weight-tunable aluminum for further customization
  • Adjustable cheekpiece for improved shooting ergonomics
  • True molded-in barrel channel, up to a 1.25” straight, for improved accuracy
  • Ambidextrous thumb shelves for comfortable shooting from any angle
  • Low profile forend for easy installation of accessories
  • 3 rear flush cups for attaching slings or other equipment