BERGER-7mm-195 gr-EOL Elite Hunter - 500ct

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Brand: Berger

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Berger Hybrid bullets are crafted to offer competitive and recreational target shooters maximum accuracy. They feature a tangent ogive and secant ogive, which together create the highest possible ballistic coefficient and minimal sensitivity to seating depth. This provides reloaders with the best of both design features. For hunters, the Elite Hunter line of Hybrid Hunting Bullets offers a longer nose than the classic Hunter Bullet line, giving them the ultimate ballistic performance.

Bullet Caliber 7mm, 284 Caliber
Diameter 0.284 Inches
Grain Weight 195 Grains
Quantity 500 Bullet
Bullet Style Hybrid Hunting Hollow Point Boat Tail
Lead Free No
G1 Ballistic Coefficient 0.755
G7 Ballistic Coefficient 0.387
Cannelure No
Bullet Coating Non-Coated
Sectional Density 0.345
Bullet Length 1.648 Inches
Recommended Twist Rate 1 in 8" or Faster
Country of Origin United States of America